Quality people, quality service. Our team has a passion for the outdoors, and look forward to working with you to create an outdoor environment that brings you a lifetime of enjoyment. We are proud of what we do and we think you’ll like it too.

Chris Moore
CEO / Founder

Customer service is a critical link between clients and landscape professionals.  For Moore Outdoor, that means keeping the end user in mind at all times.”

Originally from Albany GA, Chris Moore graduated from Westover High School, afterwards continuing his business education at The University of Georgia.  Chris has over 25 years in the landscape industry and has always had a passion for plants and trees, and landscaping as a whole.  He started his career working as a lawn maintenance crew member in 1996, moving on to working several positions in the landscape field to gain more knowledge, and after several years started his first landscape company in 2003 and his second in 2010.  In 2012 Chris sold his ownership in his second landscape company, and moved to Macon. Once in Macon, Chris started his new landscape company which is now renamed Moore Outdoor Landscaping.
Chris loves every aspect of the landscape business, and strives to provide the most excellent customer service.  He takes great pride in his work, his team and his community.
Chris is a member of Thomaston Road Church of Christ, he enjoys being involved in various Macon organizations and projects.